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Modern interior of a bathroom

Browse Our Property Refurbishment Projects In And Around Norwich

Located in Norwich, TMH Renovations has completed several projects for homes and businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk. Here is a selection of some of our recent work. Our gallery displays the wide range of interior and exterior property refurbishment work we have undertaken. We will continue to update more examples of the exceptional results we create for our clients. So please revisit for inspiration.


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Roofing under construction

Gite Renovation, 2019-2020

Delivering a project on time and within budget is always our number one goal. Throughout this project, we worked closely with the client, adapting to their evolving requirements and delivering beautiful results to create a wonderful holiday rental property. The project included insulation, tiling, plaster boarding, new kitchen and bathroom installations, painting, and decorating. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Roof Replacement, 2020

Following the removal of the old roof, the majority of the timbers were found to be riddled with woodworm and required replacing. However, we managed to salvage the original A-frame. Once re-lotted and the new VELUX roof windows installed, the client benefitted from a light and airy loft room that still retained the original feature of the Oak A-frame. Despite the added timber work, we delivered the project on time and within budget.

A room with a row of white windows

Barn Floor Reconstruction, 2021

This project was in an old barn which originally housed cows, so the floor sloped inwards from both sides with a drainage channel in the middle. A sand/cement screed was laid to obtain a level surface, followed by 50 mm insulation. This was followed by 80 mm concrete, polished smooth with a powered trowel machine per the owner’s requirements. The result was a beautiful, smooth floor.

New Windows Fitted, 2021

This project was both exciting and challenging. Whilst some of the windows were a straight swap, others, such as the large triple-glazed bespoke window fitted into a random stone wall, required the openings to be widened. The stone walls were supported whilst the old lintel was removed, and the opening size increased. The result was a striking window which flooded the room with light. To learn more, get in touch today.

A washroom with a toilet seat and shower area

New Bathroom, 2019

This bathroom project was a new installation throughout. The original drywall was removed, and new insulation and moisture-resistant plasterboard were installed, followed by a new bath, shower, toilet, and wash basin to create a stunning, spacious family bathroom. Due to the age of the property, the floor was very uneven, so a new ply floor was installed prior to tiling.

Complete Kitchen, 2018

This farmhouse kitchen was created in an old lean-to. 3x VELUX windows were installed, followed by insulation and plasterboard for the walls and floor. New timber framed windows and doors were fitted, which involved increasing the size of the openings. Water underfloor heating was also installed, along with new flooring. Finally, the kitchen units, solid wood worktops, and tiling were fitted, creating this beautiful farmhouse kitchen.

Painting And Decorating, 2018

This 1970s house benefitted from painting and decorating inside and out. Prior to painting, plaster repair was required inside following some water damage, and the client also requested 2 large sets of French doors to be installed. A neat and tidy improvement with minimum disruption was delivered to the client.

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